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  • Kameron (Wednesday, June 23 21 11:52 am EDT)

    I had never worked with a dietitian before and was so happy to have Hadis Schertzer to help me with my eating disorder. What meant a lot to me was her patience, attentiveness, suggestions, book recommendations, and sometimes a little humor. Hadis has made a huge unpack on how I am reprogramming my brain and body to not go against each other but to be at more peace. Before I received any treatment I was not remotely aware of any of my behaviors and how it correlated with my eating or lack thereof. However, now as I am on this recent recovery journey I am still asking myself many questions that were brought up in our sessions. The road to recovery is challenging but working with Hadis has made it a bit easier. I am forever grateful for all of her insight. What a hero 🦸‍♀️

  • Kaitlyn Pscodna (Wednesday, June 16 21 10:45 am EDT)

    As of yesterday, I am officially a RDN. That, however, couldn't have ever happened if it weren't for my RDN, Karen Giles-Smith (Lansing, Michigan), who helped me overcome anorexia nervosa. When I first began working with Karen, I was very sick and hurting. I saw life from an extreme diet lens and was on a really rough road. Through my work with Karen, I adopted intuitive eating and intuitive movement principles, now going on to advocate for these things as a professional. Karen saved my life and also guided a hurt and broken girl towards advocacy, of which she will do for the rest of her personal and professional life!

  • Jessica Haims (Sunday, April 18 21 11:30 am EDT)

    My dietitian Laura changed my life, and I am eternally grateful for her help. I came to her after I received a cancer diagnosis at age 26. It was the wake-up call of a lifetime. I had suffered from orthorexia for years, and when I got cancer, it made me understand, no food can save us from disease. I had my breaking point and decided enough was enough, and I wanted to heal my relationship with food and myself. I will never forget leaving her office after my first appointment, calling my mom crying because I knew I would finally get better. I worked with her for a little over a year, and in that time, my entire life changed. In that one year, I gained more memories than in the previous 15 years. In some ways, I believe my cancer diagnosis saved me; if I never got that diagnosis, I likely would never have gotten help with my eating disorder. Every aspect of my life is better because of recovery. It is hard work, but oh my gosh, it is worth it. Two years later, I am finishing up my prereqs and waiting to find out if I was accepted into a master's of clinical nutrition program. After the program, I hope to pass the state board exam to become an RD and help cancer patients and people from all walks of life heal their relationship with food. It is truly a full-circle moment and one that makes me feel so proud of myself. Recovery was the best decision I ever made; thank you, Laura, for guiding me back to myself!

  • Sara (Thursday, April 15 21 04:40 pm EDT)

    I don't think I can ever thank my nutritionist Dena Cohen for what she has done to change my life and eating habits. The problem has been going on for a number of years and in just a few months she helped me concur all my fears that have come up in the past. She has a answer to every question and has insights and important skills that will help me for the rest of my life. It is amazing how she doesn't follow a script for every client. She really focuses on me and what goals I would like to make for myself and then she helps me turn my goal into a reality. Dena helped me increase my quality of life on so many levels and for that I am forever grateful.

  • Meghan Huston (Thursday, April 08 21 02:59 pm EDT)

    I’ve worked with quite a few dietitians throughout my recovery. When I met Addie, we clicked. She not only cared about helping me recover, but also genuinely cared about me as a person (and still does). Addie was real with me and told me what I didn’t want to hear but needed to. We could joke around and be serious all within the same session. Addie was the first dietitian I truly trusted and connected with. She will always hold a special place in my heart. Addie helped saved my life. I would not be here today without her.

  • Rachael (Wednesday, April 07 21 11:04 pm EDT)

    Thinking on a dietitian that has changed my (and many other lives) life, I must speak about Karen Giles-Smith, MS, RDN, of Michigan State University
    I remember when I first contacted Karen. A little over two years ago, I was sitting in a parking lot facing this realization that food and body image concerns were consuming my life and concerning the lives of those around me. While I was scared to let my eating disorder go, I knew I had to, so I looked up eating disorder specialists near me. I contacted what appeared to be the best match (Karen) and met her the following week.
    Going into the first appointment with three years of attempted recovery under my belt, my optimism for recovery was running out. Yet in that appointment and the many meetings that followed, Karen was there every step of the way, being knowledgeable, understanding, and accommodating as I trudged through recovery. If I wasn’t eating, we’d problem solve and get through it. If I struggled to understand hunger and fullness cues, she’d give well-informed recommendations and guide me through these processes. No matter the day and no matter the challenge, she understood what I needed and was there to make the recovery process easier. In addition to this one-on-one care, she helped me find some of the best practitioners I will meet in my lifetime, helping me heal from comorbidities and allowing me to reach health and happiness I didn’t know existed before our connection. She’s also made herself available in times where I wanted to grow and develop skills in my own nutrition career, whether it be through volunteer opportunities or brief meetings about career possibilities, proving that she will help students and clients flourish in multiple aspects of their lives.
    While it’s only been two years, that moment in the parking lot feels like ages ago, and I’m grateful and amazed every day by the wonderful changes that my life has seen so fast as a result of meeting a single dietitian. Thank you, Karen, forever and always, for the blessing you’ve put upon my life, and for the healing you’ve allowed my loved ones to experience as a result of my good health.







  • Miriam <Miriblumenkrantz@gmail.com>(Thursday, November 09 17 06:21 pm EST)

    Dina cohen has dramatically improved my daughter's life forever. 2 years ago she had high blood sugar and was at risk for juvenile diabetes. We immediately went to an endocrinologist and began sessions with Dina. The tools she gave my 11 year old and the advice and guidance she provided for me to implement dietary changes in a family wide scale were practical and are now permanent. When I became frustrated with my own eating habits I began going to her as well. I am feeling better and more energized than I have been in years. I am looking forward to future sessions to make more changes and improvement!



Sarah  (Wednesday, April 23 14 04:06 am EDT)

Garalynne Binford is a dietician that works under the regional ED services for Auckland, New Zealand. She is absolutely amazing at what she does and sets an example for all those trying to recover with her zest for life and ever-present encouragement. I am so so so thankful that she was there to simply sit with me (sometimes in silence) and never judge me when I came to appointments after failing to follow the meal plan time and time again. The amount of empathy she displays for others is unmatched and she faced my ED as someone who was by my side, listening to my suggestions but guiding me toward normalising eating patterns. Although I am still not there yet, i know she doesn't look at my size when I sit in her very-pink, covered-with-flowers office and makes me feel so appreciated even when i see nothing but failure.
Thank you so much Garalynne, I can't thank you enough- you truly are a treasure...<3



Autumn  (Saturday, April 05 14 11:12 am EDT)

I'm a big believer in the "inside" work needing to come before the technical work of recovery (i.e. the food part)—but that said, I'd been dealing with my ED for 25 years by the time I went to recovery. Even when I was okay I had no idea how to eat right; I'd lost any concept of what that might mean. My nutritionist was the single-most effective external tool I had in my recovery. Even today, if I have a lapse, I have the technical tools to get back on track immediately, and I'm convinced that it's knowing what that track actually IS that has kept me there.



Lindsay Stamas  (Monday, March 24 14 12:53 pm EDT)

I thank God every single day for my dietician, Anna Sweeney. My work with Anna has been the best and most helpful part of this very difficult and painful journey. I couldn't believe that it would ever get better, that someday I might be happy, and that I could actually fully recover. She believes 100% that all of this is possible, that recovery is a choice, and that it's worth every minute of it. She reminds me time and time again that it's okay to be scared, and uncomfortable, and to ask for help. She taught (and continues to teach) me how to separate myself from my eating disorder. How to connect to my true self, focus on what's important, accept myself for who I am, and helps me to understand the science of food, nutrition, health, and wellness of my mind, body, and soul. She goes above and beyond her job description. Her investment in her clients and in the fight against eating disorders is unlike anything I've ever seen before. Meeting Anna was like a breath of fresh air. She is my hero, my mentor, and my biggest fan. Thank you Anna, for believing in me, for pushing me, for never trusting, accomodating to, or giving in to my eating disorder. Thank you for fighting with me and for me. Thank you for being there day in, day out, and reminding me that I'm okay, that I'm stronger than my eating disorder, and that I can do this. Thank you for staying strong for me, for your honestly, compassion, unfathomable selflessness. For the MANY gifts you've given me, and the wisdom that you share with me, I truly am in debt to you. I think of you every time my daughter smiles, every time we laugh, every time I cry, and every time I crawl into bed and close my eyes in peace. Because of you, she has a mother. Because of you, I have a life that is meaningful to me. You'll never take credit for this, but I never ever could have come this far without you. I have a long way to go and I'm so grateful to be sharing this experience with you. Thank you for never giving up on me. For everything you've done for me. You changed my life!



Sara McCombs  (Sunday, March 09 14 06:09 pm EDT)

Anna is truly an amazing dietitian. She was my dietitian while I was a client at Monte Nido at Laurel Hill and she is someone who helped me to gain my life back. Anna was my biggest cheerleader, and also nutritionally challenged me like no one else has.

Something that I find most admirable about her is her true investment in each of her clients. She truly fought with me when my eating disorder was strong, and she kept pushing no matter what. Anna not only truly understands what an eating disorder is and has enormous knowledge about them, but she can empathize as well.

What I found the most helpful about Anna was not only her warmth and bubbly personality, was how she got to know me, not just my eating disorder. She truly wants to know her clients, and build a relationship to help her clients pull away from their eating disorders.

Anna has a special place in my heart, and I feel truly grateful to have had her as a dietitian.



Cheryl  (Wednesday, February 12 14 07:51 am EST)

Anna, just her name brings tears to my eyes. Anna was my dietitian for only 6 weeks in a residential program for treating eating disorders. I could go on endlessly about how Anna changed my relationship with food, that's what one would expect from a dietitian, and Anna certainly excelled at her job. The way in which Anna changed my life the most is that she taught me how to feel loved. She taught me how to connect with others and to feel that connection. She taught me to be vulnerable and authentic. Any dietitian could give me the recipe for recovery, but Anna made me want it. Anna Sweeney made life worth living. Thank You Anna. I thank you every time my heart melts when my daughter hugs me when she climbs off the school bus in the afternoon, when my son snuggles up to me while I read him a bedtime story, when my cat curls up on my lap, when my husband kisses me goodbye, when my older son wants to sit with me at the dinner table, and much more....



Kellie  (Saturday, February 01 14 11:01 pm EST)

Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD. She is not my "personal" dietitian, but she has certainly made a difference in my recovery.
I had an insurance that did not cover nutrition therapy for a diagnosis of Eating Disoreder. Jessica, whom i have never met face to face, worked so hard, to get my Nutrition appointments covered.
I feel so blessed that she did so much to help s girl she had never met. She truly is a wonderful Person, with a lot of love for what she does, and determination to help.
Thank you Jessica for fighting for me. <3




Kellie  (Saturday, February 01 14 10:33 pm EST)

Adrien Paczosa, RD, LD, CEDRD with i live well nutrition therapy is so amazing. I went to her fearfully and with out a lot of hope that she could help me. After all, she was the threat to my "saftey". I was determined not to like her.I was determined to see her once, label her as evil, and never return again.
After our first session, i realized, i was wrong. Adrien has become so much more than my dietitian. She is my biggest support, my loudest cheerleader and my Friend. She kicks my butt when i need it, (quite often actually but has a way of loving me and holding my hand while doing it. She has given me more strength and fight in the last 4 months than i have given myself in the last year.
She knows my secrets and my fears, but refuse's to give up on me.She reminds me that it is okay to have feelings, and its okay to show them. Its okay to have fears and its okay to be less than perfect. Its okay to fall sometimes, but its not okay to give up.
Thank you, Adrien, for being one of my biggest blessings. Thank you for supporting me and loving me. Thank you for fighting with me and beside me. Thank you for being you, and helping me find me.> 3



Allison Hemlock  (Monday, October 21 13 10:53 am EDT)

The months leading up to the beginning of my recovery process were some of the lowest points in my life. Starting at almost 9 years old, I battled anorexia for 3 years and eventually found myself in Emma Fogt’s office. After several visits, I realized how much help and care I was getting in those several visits. Eventually, I began believing more and more that it was okay to eat a snack here and there and eventually a real meal. Using helpful tactics to make eating more calories gradual, I really owe a lot to Emma and my doctor who helped me become the person I am today as I now study Nutritional Sciences and hope to one day also help others find peace with themselves through nutrition. This will always be a part of who I am, but I am thankful to have had the opportunity to work with Emma and continue to stay in touch to this day.



Lauren Brunt  (Tuesday, October 08 13 10:39 am EDT)

I am living a full and vibrant life thanks to the patience, guidance, knowledge and inspiration of Rebecca Bitzer. She is so much more than a dietician to me, but without her expertise in nutrition, I know that I would not be in such a strong and wonderful state of recovery. Until I was faced with my life-altering diagnosis of bulimia, I believed my thoughts and food patterns were normal. Luckily, my mom quickly took to researching treatment, therapists and dieticians, where she found Rebecca’s website.

Meeting with Rebecca gave me a new view of my eating disorder and I left my first session feeling I could breathe again for the first time in months. She gave me hope and took action right away- she gave me ‘homework’, helped me find positive coping tactics, worked with me on my food logs, talked with me about my food ‘fears’, and always had new ways to keep me engaged. I learned that my eating disorder was not about food, but without Rebecca’s help it would have been near impossible for me overcome the trouble I had at meals, or the distorted views I had of ‘dieting’, to heal the causes of ED.

From the very beginning, she helped me understand that in order to recover, I needed to be honest with myself, and share honestly with her as well. I didn’t hold back logging my food or recounting exactly what happened if I acted on symptoms. Rebecca never made me feel ashamed if I slipped; she empowered me to learn what had caused the problems, to see what was underneath the surface. Working with Rebecca allowed me to become stable enough to stay in college and out of inpatient treatment. I met with her once a week, e-mailed daily, and often texted her for support when I was struggling. She encouraged me to be the person she saw in me, even when I wasn’t sure that was possible.

I still become overwhelmed when I think about the first few years of my recovery- I owe Rebecca more than I can say. She helped me to permanently heal the relationship that I have with my body, nutrition and mind. To this day, over five years later, I continue to see Rebecca to stay focused and on track with a healthy lifestyle.



Chrissy Barber  (Saturday, October 05 13 09:16 pm EDT)

Rebecca Bitzer saved my life. I battled Anorexia for 12 years. After multiple attempts at self recovery I began to seek help. I saw a local dietitian who specialized in general dietetics and nutrition however knew nothing about eating disorders. She simply told me how many corlories I needed a day, showed me the food guide pyramid and sent me on my way. This was ineffective as eating disorders are more than just food. My eating disorder was out of control and affecting my health. My blood pressure was dangerously low, I had heart palipations and my blood sugar was so out of wack I would pass out. I am a mother and knew i needed help if I wanted to survive this to have a life with my daughter. I found Rebecca Bitzer who specializes in eating disorders and made my first appointment. I was nervous to start this journey but I was just as anxious and excited to hopefully be free from ED. During my time with Rebecca I learned many things about myself as well as why I was in this battle. It was very difficult at first making sure to eat everything on my meal plan which was scary to do considering it was alot more food than I ever allowed myself to eat. Rebecca was great with keeping me on track and pushing me through. not only did Rebecca teach me how to eat and enjoy food she also taught me to enjoy life and encouraged me to find myself again. I am 1 year into recovery and I feel great! Because of Rebecca I eat healthy and allow myself to enjoy food, I am healthier than I have ever been, and I am me again. I have greater self confidence, I express myself, and I have fun and enjoy life. I am currently in school to become a Dietitian. I hope to specialize in eating disorders so I can help others the way Rebecca helped me.



Aria (Sunday, September 29 13 01:18 pm EDT)

I have been through 3 treatment centers and 7 therapists but only one dietitian. Bobbi Boteler. I remember the first time I met her almost two years ago and how reluctant I was to listen to her. I didn't trust her for the first 8 months and didn't care for her till right before my second treatment stay. But after that, I realized just how incredible she is. She is the first person I have truly trusted in a long time. She truly understands what I say and knows just how far to push. Today I can say I am in recovery. But without Bobbi, I wouldn't be. And that is a fact. She was on maternity leave during my third stay and still called me my first night when I was alone and scared. She called me on Thanksgiving when I freaked out. She has never left my side. She has changed my life.



Shannon  (Friday, June 07 13 08:51 pm EDT)

It wasn't until I met with a Registered Dietitian that my recovery began. Before I had been seeing a nutritionist, who was not qualified to treat eating disorders and had never seen a case such as mine. It wasn't her fault, but she shouldn't have taken me on. My first meeting with my dietitian was the day I began recovery and to develop a love for food. Suddenly calories and macronutrient gram counting was out the window. Food became about filling my day with all of the categories from the food pyramid! Little did I know, those lesson from my recovery and that dietitian would develop an even greater passion for me concerning food and recovery. She is the reason I am an undergraduate in dietetics today. She showed me what a difference a dietitian can make in someone's life who is struggling with weight, food, and emotions!



Kelly  (Wednesday, March 20 13 07:31 pm EDT)

My dietician has changed my life. Without her, I would still be in the same disordered eating patterns followed by criticism and self loathing, it is an endless cycle unless broken. My work with my dietician has helped me to UNDERSTAND my eating disorder so I can face it head on. I cannot imagine where I would be without her support, knowledge and expertise. It is a long, arduous road to recovery but I am on that path and I have not looked back since my work began with my dietician. Everyone who has an eating disorder deserves the support of a qualified clinician, it truly is life changing.



Rachel (Sunday, March 10 13 07:19 pm EDT)

In the 10 years that I've been working on recovery, I've been lucky to have had three incredibly gifted nutritionists on my team. The first, with whom I worked while I was in residential treatment, is Jenn Murphy. She managed to crack through my intense fears and inaccurate perceptions around food. Not only did she help restore me to a healthy weight, but she also worked hard to challenge my cognitive distortions related to food and to help me manage the fear that came along with gaining weight. Another incredible nutritionist of mine is Lisa Pearl, with whom I worked for 6 years. Lisa has an exceptional understanding of the physiology and biochemical aspects of eating disorders and was able to connect with me intellectually in this way. She also has an incredible ability to nurture and took time to know me as a whole person. To this day I still maintain that my relationship with Lisa was among the warmest and securest of any that I have ever had with a clinician. Finally, I now work with Marci Anderson. Her approach is unlike that of either of my previous nutritionists and I enjoy her fresh perspective and creativity. She has worked hard to get to know me and has quickly become someone whom I trust to get me through the last remaining hurdles standing between me and FULL recovery.



Monica (Wednesday, March 06 13 12:58 pm EST)

Dear Laura,
I'm writing you this letter as one of the last and most important parts of my recovery. This is a thank-you because I couldn't have done it without you.
As you know I've recently become ready to stop all therapy. When I first started treatment I simply wanted to go back to who I was before I got sick, but 2.5 years later, I realize I've become so much more. I'm much stronger, confident and more present. I am able to appreciate every moment so much more because of what I went through. I have gained so much more than weight in treatment and I have you to thank.
Thank you Laura, you helped me with the toughest, most avoided, and dreaded, part of recovery. You helped me deal with food and re-learn how to eat. You were patient with me. You taught me how to accept my body and what healthy actually is.
You helped me become a strong person, speak my mind, and stop trying to please everyone.You helped me recover for myself and become a person I love and respect.
When I first met you I thought I hated you, but now you are on my list of people who have influenced me most in my life. You really go above and beyond your job description. From grocery shopping, eating out/navigating restaurants, to making me my first ever peanut butter sandwich, I don't know anyone elses dietitian who would do those things. Thank you for being brutally honest with me at times and forcing me to come to terms with what I was doing.Thank you for pushing me, believing in me, and never giving up on me.

Because of you Laura, I am now happy and healthy.



Kara (Tuesday, March 05 13 12:36 pm EST)

Over the course of a 14 year long battle with an eating disorder, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of dieticians on an inpatient, residential, partial, medical, and outpatient level. While the dieticians providing acute hospital care were certainly important to my overall health and safety, it has been my outpatient dieticians who have truly changed my life.

Dieticians play a VITAL role in eating disorder recovery. Marci Anderson possesses a keen awareness of the sensitive and complicated role that food plays in a person's life. In my treatment, she integrates practical and timely advice with a deep sensitivity to and respect for my personal experience and feelings. She is constantly working to find creative and innovative approaches to ED treatment, and is in constant communication with the rest of my treatment team.

Marci has helped me take many concrete steps in my recovery, and understands that it can be a slow and tenuous journey. She has gently but firmly pushed me to do things outside of my comfort zone which ultimately make me stronger and more willing to take risks with food and defy my eating disorder.

After being told by other treatment providers that my eating disorder is "chronic" and "entrenched", it became hard to believe that I would ever feel any better. Marci has shown an unwavering belief in my full recovery even when I can't feel it myself, and that has been crucial in keeping up the fight.

She, along with my therapist, has taught me to say what I feel, has accepted me unconditionally, and has been patient and kind throughout many ups and downs over the past few years.

For many sufferers I know, the dietician can easily become the enemy. The focus on food and weight and even health can be very intimidating and scary for someone dealing with anorexia. Marci has managed to circumvent this issue by taking a stand against the eating disorder and NOT the individual, which at times can be very difficult to separate. I am so, so, SO grateful to have her in my life!



Gabby  (Tuesday, March 05 13 04:25 am EST)

I am so excited and proud to say that my dietitian has changed my life in a way that I wish I could properly express in this comment box. When I started eating disorder treatment at 20 years old (3 years ago), I was helpless, hopeless, and stuck in a cycle of binging and restricting that had been my lifestyle for 8 years. I was at a renowned Eating Disorder treatment program with various support, but it was not until I made my first appointment with my dietician, Marci Anderson, that I was truly able to break free of this atrocious cycle. She is able to magically intertwine the science of food, the reality and nutritional aspects of eating, the emotional rollercoaster that ensues with food, and concrete, manageable, and tangible skills and steps to break free of a life threatening disorder that so many people ignore or embrace as a normal lifestyle. She has educated me, supported me, and empowered me to be a strong woman and to help to nurture myself with self love and care. Without Marci, I can honestly say I would be in a very painful place right now, and I am so thankful to have her to keep helping me through this challenge. Her intelligence, strength, and incredible ability to change peoples'lives cannot be ignored. I know I am only one of the many clients that can call Marci my hero and my role model.



Tara Redepenning  (Monday, March 04 13 06:53 pm EST)

My dietician (Marci Anderson) has had a profound impact on my life. I would not be where I am in my recovery without her. The food/weight piece is a vital part of recovery, but it needs to be handled by someone who truly understands eating disorders. Marci is able to get me excited about food and recovery and has helped me to feel better about myself at the same time. This is no easy task. I believe that eating disorders require a team of people fighting against them and that team is not possible without the dietician. My own dietician has not just helped me learn to feed myself appropriately, I have learned to enjoy food again. This has increased my quality of life and the quality of my relationships as I am less afraid to attend social functions where food is served. This would not be possible with the support and guidance of my dietician. I truly believe that my dietician helped me get my life back and she helped increase the quality of that life.



Beth Cullum  (Tuesday, December 11 12 03:32 pm EST)

A dietician trained to work with eating disordered clients is an indispensable member of an eating disorder treatment team. I am so grateful to be able to work with Natalie Harris, RD, at the Redi Clinic (Oconomowoc, WI). I would not be where I am in recovery without her help and support. I have been in recovery from anorexia for 4 years, but recovery has many ups and downs. Until last summer, my outpatient dietcian was a very good dietcian, but not trained in eating disorders. When I was doing fairly well, she could help and support me, but when I was struggling, she didn't really know what I needed to fight the eating disorder. Probably the thing I most appreciate about Natalie is that she really seems to know what will help me, which can be very different depending on what I am struggling through. Is it a wrong belief about food itself? Is a distorted view of myself? If is a mood issue or something I need to address in therapy? Because she is so aware of the "crazy" thoughts that can race around in my head, she is able to help me look at them without making me feel "crazy". She knows the nature of the eating disorder and helps me see and challenge these things. With Natalie, I feel understood and accepted no matter how much I am struggling, which makes a huge difference in my recovery. Recently, I was once again in a very difficult spot of struggle, to the point where partial-hospital treatment was something I was asked to consider. Instead, I was able to increase my counseling appointments and also increase my appointments with Natalie to 1x per week, and also corresponded with her by email every day for accountability on following my meal plan. She would from time to time write back with a bit of encouragement or a challenge or idea. After doing this for several weeks, I was able to improve and avoid more intensive treatment, and am now doing very well. I think this is a great testimony to how important a dietician is to ED treatment. Had I not been working with a dietician who could work specifically with my food intake over those weeks, I probably would have not been able to stop losing weight and may have ended up hospitalized again. Thankfully, I instead am doing well and am able to be home with my family. Thank God for eating disorder dieticians!

Beth Cullum



Jenny Baker  (Thursday, November 08 12 10:59 am EST)

Wow! I am so excited to have a place to talk about my incredible Dietician, Leslie Schilling.I don't even want to think where I would be without her guidance and encouragement. She is truly a lifesaver and a Godsend.I was very resistant to seeing a dietician because I honestly wasn't ready for recovery but when my therapist(Dr. Beth Lyons who I also cannot say enough good things about)said that this was the only way I could get better, I went-not happily-to see Leslie. I knew immediately upon meeting Leslie that her office would be a safe place for me. She was always gentle and kind and also lots of fun. Who knew talking about food could be fun?! She opened my eyes to a whole new world! She took a girl who was terrified of food and helped her to love it and see it as "medicine" required for life. Even when I gave up on myself and didn't think I was worth a better life, Leslie never gave up on me. Even though I am breaking free from this horrible disease, I still see Leslie to boost my confidence and to keep me on track. She is incredible and I cannot say enough good things about her.



Melanie Lerner  (Monday, October 01 12 10:01 pm EDT)

I wouldn't be where I am today without my dietitian Laura-May Roelse (Dallas, TX). Through the ups and downs, she has been there for me since day one, at age 15, when I was first diagnosed with anorexia. I'm now 22 years old, a recent college graduate, and I have a full-time job that I love. None of this would have been possible without Laura. She never gave up on me, even when I would periodically give up on myself. I can't thank her enough for all that she has done and will continue to do. She taught me what it's like to live in the moment and embrace my imperfections. That no food is bad for you in moderation. That it's OK and normal to feel uncomfortable and anxious. The key is having healthy ways to cope with those emotions. But most importantly of all, Laura taught me to never let a number define my self worth. She helped open my eyes to see that Anorexia is not and should not be my identity. I'm my own person and deserve to live a life without an eating disorder. Just like the other 11 million people who struggle with an ED.

Breaking free from an ED is never easy. I still have a hard time remembering what it felt like before ED came along. But it's worth it. Having gotten a taste of what it feels like to truly live, I would never go back now. In fact, thanks to Laura and all the progress I have made, I've been inspired to speak out, both in highschool and college, educating friends and family of the dangers of such an often ignored illness. This 7-year journey has been a rollercoaster to say the least, but I'm so thankful to have had my dietitian by my side. With her infinite reassurance, compassion, and wisdom, Laura never ceases to amaze me. Thank you Laura for giving me my life back. You're truly an inspiration.



Jessica Laub  (Monday, September 17 12 10:44 pm EDT)

Meeting with Robin Millet (New York, NY) was a true life saver.

After struggling with an eating disorder that was all-consuming and resulted in a loss of a significant amount of weight in a short four or five months, I was at serious risk for having to put off beginning college by a semester. Robin's guidance and vast knowledge got me to a safe-enough place that allowed me to begin school this August. I've been having a great time and I know that this never could have materialized without her help.

Robin always worked WITH me to ensure that the food-related challenges I took on each week were doable. Very much in-tune, Robin closely listened to my anxieties and did her best to help me work through them without pushing me past the degree of encouragement.

It also helped that Robin was incredibly receptive, kind, and patient with me. I'm on the road to recovery, loving school, and am so grateful to have worked with someone so wonderful.



Elisabeth Jordan (Thursday, August 30 12 09:52 am EDT)

I met with Yvette Quantz when I was 21 years old. I had come out of a relationship that in which the man I was dating put pressure on me to be thin. I had what I like to call "disordered eating," meaning I didn't have a traditional eating disorder but my thoughts about food & my body were all-consuming. Yvette taught me to eat when I'm hungry and stop when I'm full. She showed me that I had to love and accept myself for who I was then (by the time I saw her, I had gained 27 pounds in an effort to expel the idea of "bad" food).
I didn't know it when we were meeting, but Yvette changed my life. She gave me hope that I could have a healthy relationship with food and my body and she gave me to tools to get there. I am forever grateful!






Kate  (Tuesday, August 21 12 03:04 pm EDT)

Deciding to call Rebecca Scritchfield, RD one day three years ago was the best and most important and decision I have made in my life. My dietician changed my life b/c she fought for me when I didn't think I deserved to be fought for and cared about me more than I cared about myself and most importantly she never gave up on me.

Rebecca was committed to my health from the beginning. Her passion and knowledge helped change my perspective on food. Instead of being afraid of food and she has taught me about mindfulness, balance and self-care when it comes to nutrition. She’s taught me to listen to my body and understand what ‘normal’ eating is. There have been so many stages through my recovery that Rebecca has helped me through from healthily gaining weight, to not being afraid of food while maintaining weight, to fueling properly for my sport. One of the things that helped the most with her is that she practices what she preaches. She changed my life by always pushing me and not letting me get stuck spinning my wheels when I wouldn’t want to change.

I am extremely lucky to have found Rebecca. She was instrumental in creating my support team and getting me as far as I am in my recovery today.



Sarah Daniels  (Wednesday, July 04 12 03:48 am EDT)

The dietician that i worked with when i was an inpatient in an eating disorder unit changed my life. as someone with trust issues, she was the first person that i was able to trust in a long time. rather than focus solely on the eating disorder symptoms she treated me like a whole person. she cared what i thought, what my fears were, and worked with me to help me challenge the issues i had with food and weight. she helped me understand that the issues that i developed with food were as a result of childhood sexual abuse, and helped me separate my issues with this from food and weight. thanks to her i can now eat pie, chocolate etc comfortably in the knowledge that eating things you enjoy is a positive thing: food should be something you eat to fuel your body, to give you pleasure, rather than something you punish yourself with.



Lindsey (Friday, June 22 12 12:36 pm EDT)

The dietician I see is a lifesaver (literally!) It's hard to count on therapy to "fix" everything, so this person is someone I'm so glad I have on my team because she gives me guidance and keeps me accountable. I can't imagine trying to recover without a dietician.



Lindsay (Thursday, June 14 12 05:16 pm EDT)

Katelyn More is my current dietician and has been since shortly after I got home from Homewoods Eating Disorder Program. Katelyn has supported me through the past few months in not only meeting my nutritional needs but also other areas in my life. I wouldn't say that she's changed my life, but she's actually done more then that- she's helped me to maintain my healthy relationship with food, exercise and my body. She's my healthy role model I think of in times of struggle and someone I can confide in each week I meet with her. I am now 11 months healthy and I'm confident that part of why I've made it this far is thanks to Katelyn! I am so grateful to have such a kind, healthy, beautiful, motivating person on my support team.



Tammy  (Sunday, June 10 12 06:24 pm EDT)

Kathryn Fink has helped me in so many ways. I once thought that food was just a way to lose weight by restricting food groups and calories. Through my visits with KathrynI learned that there is “always room for chocolate and ice cream.” I learned that for your body’s health, it is not beneficial in the long run to restrict calories or food groups because your body loses vital nutrition, as well as nutrients that it so badly needs. Discovering how to intuitively eat (eat when I am hungry, stop when I am full, and listen to what my body is “hungry” for as it will clue me into what it needs nutritionally) has really been key for me. I am so thankful to have Kathryn’s help and support in my journey to reach my goal of becoming as fit and trim as I possibly can be whatever that ends up looking like for my own, individual body!



Dee  (Wednesday, June 06 12 11:35 am EDT)

An eating disorder consumed my life for years, but today, thanks in large measure to the help of a Carolyn Felton, I am well on my way to recovery. Carolyn is my dietician, and working in concert with my therapist, she has taught me new ways to look at food, at weight and at life. I always come away from appointments with a list of recommended next-steps to overcoming challenges on the recovery journey. And when I run into problems between appointments, she makes it a point to call back as soon as possible. So many people told me not to expect to ever be free of the torturous thoughts that come with an eating disorder, but Carolyn let me know that full recovery *is* possible. And she’s helped me every step of the way, drawing from a deep well of knowledge, advice, encouragement and steadfast support. I don’t know where I would be without her.



Kelly Rhinesmith  (Tuesday, June 05 12 08:35 pm EDT)

My dietitian helped change my life by encouraging me to seek help when I was so far gone that I probably would have not survived much longer. She was awesome when I texted or emailed in a panic because I was so freaked out about eating that I was sending myself into panic attacks. I have been hospitalized three or four times (lost count) in the past 4 years. My dietitian helped me get my life back on track, not the counselor, because without some guidance on how to eat (hence eating disorder) I would have just traveled down the same path of restriction and I would never have been able to succeed in life.



Rachel  (Monday, May 21 12 09:08 am EDT)

My dietitian (Pamela Kelle of Chattanooga, TN) has been like an angel sent to watch over me. If it wasn't for her, I feel that I would have been dead by now. I know that when I am in a really bad place with ED, one visit to her can give me enough strength and hope to pick myself up and start over. We have made many meal plans and talked about all the facts but more importantly, she has been someone I can talk to about my feelings and struggles and I feel like she truly understands me. I don't know what i would do without her and she is so vital to recovery.



Brianna  (Friday, May 18 12 10:01 pm EDT)

My dietitian taught me how to stop letting food control my life. I was afraid of certain foods and Kathryn taught me the principles of Intuitive Eating and how to apply them to my life. I have a healthy relationship with food now and I have her to thank for it. I feel free and my self esteem is much higher than it has been in a very long time. I am truly happy! I enjoy life again! Thanks Kathryn!!



Becky (Tuesday, May 08 12 08:25 pm EDT)

Stephanie Brooks changed my life. I would not be in recovery or maybe even alive if it weren't for her. She went above and beyond what a dietitian's job description is. She helped me to take small steps to recover from anorexia and bulimia. She was always open and honest. She took every step with me and together we fought these horrible diseases. She was always there if I stumbled and helped me back up by making attainable goals. I am proud to say that I am in recovery for several years and it wouldn't have been possible without Stephanie.



GG (Friday, May 04 12 09:24 pm EDT)

Sandra Leduc is an amazing dietitian who helped end a 10 year battle with anorexia and bilimia. She not only taught me how to eat in a normal manner, exercise at a moderate amount, she helped me develop self-confidence and a heathier body image. Finally, Sandra wanted to hear about what was triggering a binge and problem solve how to deal with everyday stressors. Sandra would return my phone calls if I had a bad day or sometimes just call to check in. She even called me very early one morning to make sure I was okay when she found out that a family member had passed away. I can never thank her enough for what she has done for me.



Jess (Friday, April 20 12 09:30 pm EDT)

I was doing pretty well before I started seeing Laura Cipullo, but I don't think I would have continued to do so well without her. I may have been able to stay asymptomatic on my own, but I don't know if I would have made progress above and beyond "living" to "thriving." I am living a level of recovery that I never thought possible, trusting my body and enjoying food as part of life.



Dana Parriera (Thursday, April 19 12 04:59 pm EDT)

My dietitian at Rehab taught me well I have hung on her words for over 4 years. I still practice what she taught me.
When I got home. My new dietitian was obsessed with calories and eating fruit. I had to quit her. So without a dietitian throughout recovery. I have gleaned on what was taught by my dietitian from rehab. Her every word and every piece of paper that she printed out for me. I never could have recovered without Diane.



Sadie  (Friday, April 13 12 09:16 am EDT)

Debra Benfield has stayed with me patiently and compassionately through all of my slip-ups, and is always available for sound advice and encouraging words. She really understands what I'm going through and is genuine in trying to help me be strong when I feel like I can't. I don't know what I would have done without her when I look back... she's affected me much more than she knows!

Camille Gervasi (Friday, April 06 12 12:12 am EDT)

April Winslow MS,RD., changed my life, saved my life multiple times and gave me a second (or third or fourth) chance at life. I don't even know where to begin. Word cannot even explain how GRATEFUL I am. When no one believed in me or my ability to recover, April did. When everyone thought I was okay because my weight was normal, April saw right through the bullshit. When I tricked everyone, I did not trick April. I can say this much. The first couple times I met with her, my respect for her was BEYOND word description. April is THE ONLY woman, who has never given up on me or abandoned me because of my eating disorder. If I were asked who the most influential person in my life... I would say Mrs. April Winslow. The ONLY person I have never lied to is April. Today I can confidently say that I am alive because of this amazing dietitian. She puts in a gazillion more hours for me and given me 250% of herself. She has gone above and beyond for me. After working at major hospitals and Universities in the Bay Area, she now has her own practice :) Choose To Change Nutrition Services. I am so thankful for her presence in my life. THIS DIETITIAN CHANGED MY LIFE.



Lori Licker (Saturday, February 04 12 10:19 pm EST)

I don't see how I would have survived a 15 year eating disorder without the incredible dieticians I had through the years.Their patience was phenominal. One who stood out was Amy Tuttle from the Renfrew Center in Philly. I was able to see her outpatient too. What made her especially unique was that she also had her Masters in social work. She was able to help me with my food fears rather than just going over food records. There need to be more like her. And insurance needs to understand how crucial dieticians are to recovery.



Holly (Wednesday, February 01 12 10:47 pm EST)

Trish has been my dietitian for almost 9 years. She has seen me through two residential inpatient stays, and 9 years of eating disorder hell. She is a strong, inspirational and loving person. She has helped me grow spiritually and helped me in every aspect of my life. She genuinely cares about me. I am coming up on one year of being in recovery. Even with some slip ups and struggles, I am doing the best I ever have and I finally believe full recovery is possible for me. Without Trish, none of this would have been possible. I want to honor her with my recovery, and I hope I make her proud. Trish speaks the truth in love and reminds me that I deserve recovery and that it is possible. I owe Trish my life and my recovery.



Sharie  (Wednesday, February 01 12 06:04 pm EST)

I appreciate everything my nutritionist does for me. Even though I get really pissed at her. I think I would be dead right now if I didn’t have her kicking me in the butt. Jessica you are awesome! Thank you.



Kelly Martin  (Wednesday, February 01 12 12:17 pm EST)

Michelle helped save my life! Even when I want to give up or when I am scared to try new things she is always there supporting me and encouraging me to go forward! She is my reality check when it comes to not only food but what impact food has on my life. She is the person that I can cry with and get mad at but I know she is there for me. She is the first person that I really really trust when it comes to telling me the truth about my food and weight. I don't think I would be where I am today if it had not been for her patience.



Kerry Cater (Wednesday, February 01 12 10:39 am EST)

Therese at Timberline Knolls in Chicago, IL helped transform my 13 year struggle with dieting restriction into a life free from food/weight obsession through intuitive eating. I'm so glad to have met her last summer and she has made a huge impact on my ED recovery.



Lindsay Gemmell (Wednesday, February 01 12 10:35 am EST)

Sandra Leduc helped me save my life. I would not be here today had I not met her. She was far more than an amazing dietician. She listened to me and she taught me how to speak against my ED. She never let anything slide- always could tell when it was my ED talking. She was the kick off to my Recovery and I will never forget her. I will forever admire the woman that she is and will always hold her close to my heart. Thanks Sandra! I couldn't have done this without your unconditional support.



Lisa (Monday, January 30 12 07:50 pm EST)

She listens to my fears and speaks to me with compassion. She reminds me why I want to recover. She gives me the tools and knowledge to tackle each meal and helps me set attainable goals. She speaks the truth in love and I would not be moving forward in recovery without her! Her desire to help others live free of an eating disorder is beautiful and inspiring. Thank you Jessica...



Haillee (Monday, January 30 12 01:20 pm EST)

Jessica has changed my life, not only as a trusted dietician, but as a friend. Her advice and support has helped me to listen to myself and honor my needs. Before I could do this for myself, her voice was a constant point of peace, safety, and assurance. With her knowledge of the disease, she has led me to navigate through Ed and come out a happier, more fulfilled, and truly authentic me for which I am forever grateful. As the journey continues, I am shocked at what I am able to accomplish with her knowledge as my foundation.


Elizabeth Arnold


I first met Stephanie Rushing (Dallas, TX) in January 2012.  I came into her office
terrified of what she would tell me. However, she could not have been more compassionate. The hard facts were the same, but she chose to give me hope. She gave me this hope, and never once let me slip during the remainder of the recovery process.


The Lord used Stephanie to remind me what a full life looks like, and that I deserve to live that kind of life abundant. I was in a very dangerous place when I first walked into her office, so I can honestly say that without her I would not be where I am today.


She said the truth like it was, and never let me forget what I was working towards. She was able to relate to my struggles, which meant a lot as I went through treatment during senior year of high school. She made treatment a healing process, one I will never forget.




Imperative and life saving.


Christal.wisdom (Monday, September 08 14 03:57 pm EDT)

Hi, am christie...

First i would like to thanks my dietitian, for everything, she really did to . Change my life... I used to have a eating food. Disorder.... I used to love food.... Like women's love shopping... But i found her via my sister... After really spending a lot money on diet products.. That at the end.. Doesn't. Work welll.... Cause the cause is, if you stop drinking. Those produits you end up more bigger. You where before..... It sad because.. Every month, i used to spend like a salary..... But after i found my dietitian via my sister exploit there, normal diet, change her life style.. I was so amazed.... I had an appointment with her, and since there.. My life completly changed.... No more expensive produit... Just natural food...no more eating disorder.... I enjoy my life... And i can now were size small....... She so good... And am so glad she changed my life completely..... I look.. More sexy and more attractive....and am no more sick like days before..... Shes such a blessing...


Elizabeth Arnold


I first met Stephanie Rushing (Dallas, TX) in January 2012.  I came into her office
terrified of what she would tell me. However, she could not have been more compassionate. The hard facts were the same, but she chose to give me hope. She gave me this hope, and never once let me slip during the remainder of the recovery process.


The Lord used Stephanie to remind me what a full life looks like, and that I deserve to live that kind of life abundant. I was in a very dangerous place when I first walked into her office, so I can honestly say that without her I would not be where I am today.


She said the truth like it was, and never let me forget what I was working towards. She was able to relate to my struggles, which meant a lot as I went through treatment during senior year of high school. She made treatment a healing process, one I will never forget.

Imperative and life saving.

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